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Primary Force


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  Primary Force's Timeline  

  1000's of Years Ago        
Primary Force ??? Years Ago
  An android crashes on Earth with no memory of his past or true identity. Local tribesman believe him to be one of their gods and he assumes this role.      

  200+ Years Ago        
Primary Force 200+ Years Ago
  Powerful items of unknown origin appear in various locations across the Earth. The alien android collects and safeguards these items in order to prevent them falling into the wrong hands.      

  60+ Years Ago        
Primary Force 60+ Years Ago
  A group of costumed adventurers called The Color Guard is formed. They remain humanity’s protectors over the next several decades.      

Primary Force 1964
  A spacecraft carrying alien refugees crashes in Sacsenoci Valley, hundreds of miles from the city later named Coyotopolis. The military is unable to cover up the incident and the presence of extraterrestrials living on Earth becomes public knowledge. An organization known as The Galactic Council makes contact with Earth, and the two form an alliance. In all interstellar matters, Earth is considered a neutral planet.      

Primary Force 1979
  With the knowledge and technology gained from its alien allies, human civilization had advanced forty years since the Sacsenoci crash. All extraterrestrials coming to Earth must register at a military base established near the site.      

Primary Force 1989
  Despite the fact that humans and aliens peacefully co-exist on Earth, many witnesses report the presence of unauthorized aliens, as well as unexplained abductions and illegal experimentations.      

Primary Force 2000
  A mysterious individual assumes control of Coyotopolis’ organized crime.      

Primary Force 2003
  Coyotopolis suffers from a series of strange natural disasters.      

  An intergalactic bounty hunter named Darna Maltinese gathers other aliens living on Earth to form a superhero group named Team Rainbow Super Force. The team makes its home in the Coyotopolis suburb of Pleasantview, where it encounters a number of costumed supervillains.

Eight months after its inception, two more members join Team Rainbow, which is split into West and East divisions.

Primary Force 2006
  Three members of Team Rainbow travel to the planet Bainiki to prevent a government coup.

Shortly afterward, Pleasantview is visited by four time travelers from an alternate universe.

By the end of the year, facing growing public mistrust, Team Rainbow is disbanded.

Primary Force 2007
  The ex-members of Team Rainbow reform as Primary Force.

One of its first acts is the prevention of hostilities between two distant nations.

The heroes learn of the prior existence of the Color Guard, having become forgotten after years out of the spotlight.

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