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Primary Force


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  Supporting Characters  

  Veronika Henderson        
Veronika is a local college student studying art, film and photography at Sim State University. She first became a fan of Team Rainbow Super Force while she was finishing High School and working as a photographer for her school newspaper. Since then, she has become an unofficial documenter for Team Rainbow's activities. She is well known and a friend to all Team Rainbow teammates.

  Cindy & April Sexbot        
Cindy and April are artificial life forms that came to our world seeking a better life than the indentured servitude for which they were created. Unfortunately, since they were both relatively simplistic creations, learning new skills proved difficult, and Cindy found herself working in the adult film industry to support April's education. Cindy has become well known in her industry, but secretly wishes to break into mainstream films. Some of her private endeavors have left her under the watchful eye of Team Rainbow Super Force.

  Charise Wun Yah        
Charise Wun Yah is the owner of Le Club de Chat, a prominent night club in downtown Pleasantview. With her help, Team Rainbow Super Force was able to apprehend Gemini Trio by organizing a battle of the bands with Gatti Bianchi. Charise is also involved in the community by organizing events and planning social functions for the constant improvement of Pleasantview. She even holds meetings with some of the Team Rainbow members to help with important events.

  Senator Herb and Coral Oldie        
Senator Herb and Coral Oldie were born and raised in Pleasantview. While Herb's father never amounted to much more than a midly successful businessman, Herb got involved with politics at an early age. While in high school, he was already working the political scene and in his mid 20's he became the youngest member of the City Council, and became mayor in his late 30's. After serving as mayor for over 10 years, Herb ran for state senate and has been serving the community ever since. He married his high school sweetheart shortly after college and they have been together ever since. Remaining true to his roots, Herb and Coral have remained citizens of Pleasantview, with a vigilant eye on the community. And although he was already a supporter of Team Rainbow Super Force, after his rescue he has been unwavering in his dedication to their success.

  Myxaire Flontage        
Myxaire Flontage is Tangerine Mistress' cousin, although their relation is more like siblings. Mostly motivated by sense of honor and duty, Myxaire is also known for playing the occasional prank or two, or three, or however many he feels like. And he is known to become quite the charmer whenever he sees a pretty face.

  Sir Reginald Benefield        
Sir Reginald Benefield was a gentleman's gentleman for as long as anyone could be. Following in his father's footsteps, he had been in the service of one noble family or another until finally arriving at the doorstep of his last employer, Don Chivaralli. It was while working for the Don he discovered the criminal activities, and was nearly killed before Team Rainbow was able to provide him protection until the trial. He was knighted for saving the life of one of his former employers, a duke that was cousin to the Queen.

  Brigadier General Robert Londberne        
General Londberne is commanding office at Sacsenoci Millitary base in Strangetown. He is primarily responsible for the administratrion of Ascension Station, an interstellar spaceport used for the imigration of aliens to our world. Londberne has achieved his position by being a by-the-book soldier. However, after being stationed at Sacenoci for over 10 years, he has began to question his superiors to whether having Ascension Station is good for the planet.

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