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Zombie Lord

Zombie Lord Lami Ardeu Lami Ardeu

Real Name : Lami Ardeu

Occupation : Witch Doctor

Powers : none (see below)

Sign : Scorpio

Age : 35

Lami Ardeu was just an ordinary island kid, who just happened to grow up with all the native superstition and culture of the local tribes. Barely even having enough to eat, he had turned to an early life of crime by pick pocketing tourists whenever he got the chance. Although caught several times, he was never in jail for long, as this was common for kids his age to be doing anyways.

As a teenager, fortune favored him to come to the mainland to study in local schools. However, an almost primal calling often made him think of voodoo tribes he had grown up around. He excelled in studying world history, as if constantly trying to find a deeper meaning to his roots and his culture. It was on a trip home before entering college that would forever change his destiny.

He returned to his island home, prepared to greet his family with news of his scholarship, when he arrived to find his home torn down to make way for the next big island resort and his parents begging for food in the street. Attempting to discover how this had happened left him with little answers, as his parents could barely talk, and the government officials wouldn't. Going to the only source of information he had left, he sought out a local voodoo tribe to see what they knew. Their leader spoke to him as though he had known Lami all his life. Although the shaman didn't answer the questions as to what happened to Lami's home and family, he handed Lami an ancient book written in an old tribal dialect and instructed Lami to learn and fulfill his destiny.

Upon entering college, Lami began to focus his efforts on ancient languages and archeology. His fellow students, described his has being in his own world and never coming up to see what was around him. After graduation, one of his history professors asked him what he planned to do in life, and Lami's only answer was, "There are artifacts to be found." Moreover, until his recent appearance as the Zombie Lord, no one had seen Lami for over a decade. He is currently in Pleasantview City Prison awaiting trial.


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