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Xanadu Hustler

Xanadu Hustler Mia Rokinovia Mia Rokinovia

Real Name : Mia Rokinovia

Occupation : Counterfeiter

Powers : none (see below)

Sign : Gemini

Age : 22

Mia Rokinovia started life as a gifted artist. Unfortunately she grew up in a poor family, and even poorer village. At the early age of 12 she discovered she had a knack for being able to perfectly duplicate the artwork imprinted on her government's local currency. By being cautious and careful, she was able to produce enough money over the years to get herself into Leningrad Art School. While at school, she learned about all the different styles and techniques allowing her to improve even more upon her near perfect skill.

However, late one night while working alone in the lab creating some new paints and inks for was supposed to be a stunning new masterpiece, a rival and very jealous student barged in accusing her of copying his works and ideas. In the ensuing struggle, her rival grabbed several of the chemicals and threw them at her, allowing them to soak into her body. When she awoke in the hospital hours later, she discovered her skin color had been changed into a multitude of colors. She had become a living rainbow.

Unfortunately, while she was in the hospital, her rival and assailant had also uncovered her after hours counterfeiting activities, and had put together enough proof to have her arrested. At her doctor's request, the police agreed to allow her to stay in the hospital a few extra days to recover, under police supervision. At night while everyone was sleeping, she used her knowledge of art and optical illusions to fabricate a crude costume to hypnotize anyone who would look at her. And before she could be taken into custody, she simply walked out of the hospital completely unchallenged.

Since then, she used her talents to construct a more permanent outfit which has allowed her to move through the world seemingly invisible. And using her talents, she became world renowned as an expert counterfeiter. It wasn't until the recent Gatti Bianchi concert that she was finally apprehended by Team Rainbow Super Force. She is currently an inmate in the Federal Prison awaiting trial and possible extradition back to her home country.


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