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Negat Eve

Negat Eve Negat Eve Negat Eve

Real Name : Negat Eve

Occupation : Kidnapper

Powers : Visual Polarity Shift

Sign : Scorpio

Age : 44

Negat was born in the far east and raised under the mental disciplines of monks. She was found on the temple doorstep when she was 4 years old, believed to have been completely abandoned by her parents. As she was raised to an adult, she was taught the wisdoms of peace, harmony and balance in the universe.

Despite their teachings, Negat concealed a resentment to her orphancy and secretly planned one day to take revenge against the world. When she reached the age of ascension, she performed a ritual her masters had instructed her never to perform. The sacred ritual of enlightenment was designed to completely purify the mind and spirit, allowing the performer to enter the gates of Shangri-La, and become a master herself. However, not being truly honest with her feelings, the ritual changed her mind and body, turning her into a physical embodiment of her negative spirit, and as an unfortunate side effect, anything around her that she wished.

With her new found powers came a new found determination to take her revenge on the world. Leaving the temple she vowed that, in her now reverse philosophy, she would not rest until every parent in the world had lost their child. But monk's training techniques had forced at least some of their doctrine in on her subconscious, and as such, she always balanced the act of kidnapping by extorting ransoms and then returning her hostages unharmed.

For over a decade, Negat held many of the world's richest and most influential individual's children hostage. It was during her last kidnapping at Sim State University that she was captured by Team Rainbow Super Force and taken into custody, where it is believed that she still awaiting trial.

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