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The Monochromatic Duo

The Monochromatic Duo Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Itsya Birthday Itsya Birthday
Real Names : Happy Birthday
  Itsya Birthday

Occupations : Crime Lord

Powers : Mind Control &

Signs : Leo

Ages : 34

Very little is known about The Monochromatic Duo. What little information is available has been gathered through rumors and whispers in the wind. Among such rumors are that Happy was the daughter of gypsies and that she was born under a curse, abandoned and left to grow up in an orphanage, or that she is a imp or demon from another plane sent as a precursor to invasion from the dead. Criminals are not known for their logical creativity.

It is believed Happy Birthday assumed control over Pleasantview's criminal organizations five years ago. Her apprentice, Itsya, was first seen a couple years later. And although their influence can be felt all over the world, they mostly reside in Pleasantview, especially with the formation of Team Rainbow Super Force.

Although it is thought that they have been able to escape being captured through the use of their mental powers, there is a lingering question as to their mind control ability actually being a form of telepathy or not. From Chromed Avenger's journal, "The fact that their mental control over living things extends even to robots, despite the fact that most robots and androids have relatively simplistic brains compared to most sentient living organisms, suggests that their power may in fact not be a form of mental control at all. I would theorize that their minds actually have the ability to alter reality, or at the very least, alter our perception of reality, in order to influence us to do their bidding."

Despite the best efforts of Team Rainbow Super Force, The Monochromatic Duo still remains at large and in charge.

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