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Ghost Warrior

Ghost Warrior Endoh Masato Endoh Masato

Real Name : Endoh Masato

Occupation : CEO

Powers : none

Sign : Scorpio

Age : 57

Very little is known about the recent history of Endoh Masato. As a child, he always asserted himself as the leader among his friends. Never getting into serious trouble, he maintained a high aptitude for his scholastic studies, and excelled in Business College, where he quickly gained mastery of all operational and administrative skills.

Endoh also had an aptitude for invention, but quickly discovered that he was better coordinating the efforts of several engineers rather than trying to be one himself. At the age of 25, he formed his first company and quickly became one of the top technology companies in Japan.

For over 10 years he was a mover and shaker both in the business and political scene. Performing several successful mergers and acquisitions, he eventually changed the company name to Jinzouningen Corporation. And then one day, Endoh seemingly disappeared.

Speculation followed that he had been killed in an industrial accident, but directives and memorandum continued to circulate from his office. Jinzouningen Corporation quickly faded from the public spotlight, and was all but forgotten except for the engineers who continued to work there. For over twenty years Jinzouningen Corporation hid from the world of business until it reemerged with a new line of helpful robots for the personal consumer market.

It was the investigation by Team Rainbow Super Force that led to the discovery that Endoh Masato was alive and still running the corporation, but that he was also physically changed to the point his body was almost completely transparent. Calling himself Ghost Warrior, he gave himself up without a fight under the pretense that he had planned to use his robots to take over the world. Team Rainbow continues to investigate these allegations while Endoh Masato sits patiently awaiting trial in Pleasantview City Jail.


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