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Gemini Trio

Gemini Trio Tomi Tekudo Tomi Tekudo
Yuumei Tekudo Yuumei Tekudo
Haburi Tekudo Haburi Tekudo
Real Names: Tomi Tekudo
  Yuumei Tekudo
  Haburi Tekudo

Occupations : Pop Band

Powers : none (see below)

Signs : Gemini

Ages : 22

It wasn't enough for the Tekudo family to give birth to identical triplets. The Tekudo sisters were also born with a bizarre form of albinoism where half their body was ghost white, and the other half almost pitch black. It is theorized that one day when we completely understand the mapping of the genome, there might be a legitimate explanation for this.

So identical in appearance were Tomi, Yuumei and Haburi that their parents couldn't even tell them apart. To end the confusion, the sisters eventually came up with their own names before entering school, where it was soon evident how to tell them apart. Haburi was often found in the library with her head in a book. Yuumei was often on the playground with as many other girls gossiping about boys. And Tomi would always be looking for another way to con anyone out of their lunch money.

The one thing they all shared was a love for the same type of music, and a penchant for performing. As children, their parents often had them singing in seasonal carols in public performances all over town. It was no surprise that shortly after finishing college the Tekudo sisters decided to form a pop band called Gemini Trio.

However, fame and fortune would not come fast enough, and they soon started trying to figure out ways to increase the odds in their favor. Haburi invented a device which had different effects on the target it was used on. In most cases, the victims never even knew what had happened or who had caused it. It wasn't until they used their device on the world famous group, Gatti Bianchi, that they were finally apprehended by the same group with the help of Team Rainbow Super Force.

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