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In 1964 an alien spacecraft carrying immigrants from all over the galaxy entered the Sol planetary system. A system failure aboard the ship forced the captain to send out a distress call and perform an emergency landing onto the third planet orbiting the star, a planet we call Earth. The crash landing alerted the citizens on Earth to the presence of extraterrestrial life in the galaxy and changed their world forever.

For the past 40 years, aliens from around the galaxy have been allowed to immigrate to the planet Earth under the guidance of the Galactic Protectorate, a collection of worlds dedicated to working in cooperation for the general well being of the galaxy. Through this collaborative effort, many advances in science and technology have improved the well-being and livelihood of the citizens of Earth. Unfortunately, the galaxy was not without its own criminal element.

In 2002, Darna Maltinese, an intergalactic bounty hunter working for the Galactic Services, tracked one of the most notorious criminals in the galaxy to the planet Earth. After spending several months in pursuit of her target, she discovered that while Earth had grown technologically, the citizens still held onto their basic paranoia, fears and prejudices. After dealing with a villain bent on destroying Earth, she gathered several unique individuals from around the galaxy to become a shining example to the people of the world. This team became…

Primary Force, Ebon Huntress, Magenta Rose, Violet Haze, Azure Maiden, Cyan Aide, Emerald Guardian, Tawny Bimbo, Choral Blush, Tangerine Mistress, Captain Crimson, Chromed Avenger


Primary Force