Primary Force, Ebon Huntress, Magenta Rose, Violet Haze, Azure Maiden, Cyan Aide, Emerald Guardian, Tawny Bimbo, Choral Blush, Tangerine Mistress, Captain Crimson, Chromed Avenger


Primary Force


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Team Rainbow Super Force / Primary Force and all associated characters were created by
Hestas Coyote and Maxis / EA Games with The Sims 2.

Story Hestas Coyote
Additional Ideas Xym
Additional Characters and Objects
Gatti Bianchi's Logo Hestas Coyote
Claire Yang's Outfit Hestas Coyote
Erika and Tinalena Brody's Skins wildstar24
Xanadu Hustler's Skins me_sicopatico
Xanadu Hustler's Outfit kate
Bettie Tidwell Danny
dma Sims 2
Aphitheatre Keyboard faeriegurl
Super Mega TV johnr2000

Final thanks to anyone who has provided any genetics, clothing, or objects
that have been used in the production of the stories and information included
on this website. If you would like to be included on this list for your contributions,
please contact me at and I will be happy to include
you on the list. I have a download directory full of so many things
that I can not remember where I have gotten everything.

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