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Primary Force


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A revolution off-world give Violet the chance to confrot his brother's killer.
Chapter 13 - A New Year's Revolution
Evil dopplegangers on the loose? It's up to the team to clear their name.
Chapter 17 - A Crime To Remember
Business is blooming, and a shop owner has her eye on Emerald.
Chapter 14 - Cross Pollinization
It seems someone doesn't want aliens living on our planet anymore.
Chapter 18 - A Race To Be Finished
When not-so-normal visitors show up, it's up to the team to help them find a way home.
Chapter 15 - Strangers In A Strangetown
Two countries are on the verge of war and it's up to the team to get to the bottom of things.
Chapter 19 - Underpants Crisis
There's a new corporation in town, and they want to rule the world.
Chapter 16 - Minding One's Own Business
A crime fighter from the past thinks his life is in danger and asks the team to help.
Chapter 20 = Old Time Troubles

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