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Primary Force


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A new super hero team comes to town and they find love in all the wrong places.
The team is larger, and more colorful. Find out how it came to be.
Being a band is hard enough without the criminal element ruining the gig.
The dead are alive, and they are on the shuffle. Team Rainbow must discover their secret.
There's a prankster on the loose, and she's not alone. An new enemy revealed.
A misfit triad seeks to destroy Gatti Bianchi and it's up to Team Rainbow to end their career.
Helpful safety tips from your favorite super heros.
Veronkica interviews Team Rainbow and explores their non-hero activities.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back to collage, a missing student and a new villian.
Tangerine Mistress' cousin pops in for a visit, and to remind of family responsability.
A difference in beliefs leads to the break up of the team, and new members to be found.
A romantic evening turns to disaster when a killer goes after an informant.

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