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  Tawny Bimbo  
Tawny Bimbo
Hailing from the world of Yuelili exist an almost naive race despite being highly telepathic in nature. It is their reluctance to use their abilities outside of their own race that causes a natural clumsiness when dealing with others.

However, even a world such as Tawny Bimbo's is not untouched by crime and corruption. On her world she was a member of the local "feel good" militia, a group dedicated to attempting to prevent such corrupt thoughts from entering its citizens.

Unfortunately, this made her very clueless when she came to our world, as she is not used to dealing with all the complexities of human emotion and thought. Being the youngest adult and also the least experienced also tends to work against her, and it is only through careful guidance of Ebon Huntress and Violet Haze is she able to use her ability to help calm any tense and unfriendly situation. Because of her ditzy nature, she thinks Violet Haze's training regimes are nothing more than daily exercises. But what really confuses her is her inability to use her powers against the Chromed Avenger, and others like him.
Tawny Bimbo Logo

Code Name :
     Tawny Bimbo

Real Name :
     Rajilot Gygliou

Function :
     Psychic Investigator

Primary Skill :
     Empathy, Telepathy

Sign :

Birthday :
     September 28th

Height :
     5' 8" (1.72 meters)

Age :

Tawny Bimbo In Action

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