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Primary Force


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  Emerald Guardian  
Emerald Guardian
There is nothing special about the inhabitants of Geroeni Prime, other than they evolved from plants instead of animals. Drawing their energy through photosynthesis has allowed the inhabitants to grow with out the need of traditional farming or hunting practices.

Emerald Guardian was nothing more than your typical engineer and scientist on his world. However his unique perspective on adapting the biological and the mechanical make him one of the most sought after minds in the universe. Fearing that his work would be used for harm and destruction led him to our planet where he hoped to continue his work in peace. However when a local crime boss managed to get one of his inventions, he was forced to enlist the help of Ebon Huntress to retrieve his work, lest it truly fall into the wrong hands.

Preferring the quiet of his lab he has agreed to create devices only used for the apprehension of criminals and the occasional save-the-world device. He has a deep gratitude towards Ebon Huntress for allowing him to continue to do his work in peace, but is constantly frustrated at how advanced the Chromed Avenger is in construction to his own knowledge.
Emerald Guardian Logo

Code Name :
     Emerald Guardian

Real Name :
     Kryss Nylyr

Function :

Primary Skill :

Sign :

Birthday :
     January 11th

Height :
     6' 0" (1.82 meters)

Age :

Emerald Guardian In Action

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