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Primary Force


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  Ebon Huntress  
Ebon Huntress
  Real Name :
     Darna Maltinese

Height :
     6' 4" (1.93 Meters)

Approx. Earth Age :
     Hand-to-Hand Combat

     Uncanny Tracking

The dark world Daroki Nigeheto is the sixth planet in a seven planet system surrounding a brown dwarf star. The life that evolved follows the extreme rule of survival of the fittest, and Darna’s species has remained at the top of the food chain. Despite being a race of warriors, they are a very level headed and rational. They seldom get involved in wars focusing instead on self improvement which involves hunting games. An annual event is put on each year on their world with a series of skills and tests to find the best of the best. It was after placing top in her class in the tracking skills at the event that the Galactic Services first recruited her to become a bounty hunter.

Her mentors were impressed at how quickly Darna was able to accomplish even the most difficult of challenges in tracking. Her skill in tracking seemed to go beyond even natural instinct, as if she knew where to find someone and / or something the moment she set her mind to it. Because of this ability, she entered into the Galactic Service as a bounty hunter after completing her training.

For nearly a decade she chased down criminals to all the ends of the galaxy. Her final official mission led her to our world, where after three months of tracking, she apprehended her target. However her time spent on our world was not without meaning, and she found she couldn’t leave our world in the state it was in. She asked for a transfer of assignment, to which her superiors agreed on the condition they could call on her for special assignments if needed.

For two years Darna worked with the local authorities bringing in convicts. In the later part of 2004 a series of unnatural disasters began to devastate the planet. Putting her skills to work to find the cause, she eventually gathered a group of other unique aliens living on Earth to help save the world. For the next couple of months she works with her new found allies to form a team that will become the Primary Force of justice on the planet.

Personal Information

Favorite Type of Music :
Ebon Huntress in Action

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