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  Cyan Aide  
Cyan Aide
Cyan Aide is from an oceanic world with very little land mass, mostly composed of small volcanic islands. Born in the watery depths, his species can breath underwater as easily as on land, allowing him to submerge into the deepest depths of our oceans.

As a curious explorer, Cyan was reluctant to give up his freedom of the ocean waters to join Team Rainbow Super Force. But since he didn't want to live a completely solitary existence, and seeing how cooperative his teammates were to ensure he would not be encumbered by the typical constraints of a land based dwelling, he was forced to admit that he had finally found a home among friends.

Although seemingly alive and energetic in his Team Rainbow persona, Cyan is very quiet and reserved to him self when the general public isn't watching him. His particular style of flamboyancy causes Violet Haze some mild irritation, however Cyan tends to think his style is too rigid, especially when it comes to showing up on time for training.
Cyan Aide Logo

Code Name :
     Cyan Aide

Real Name :
     Nahl Shilari

Function :
     Junior Team Member

Primary Skill :
     Breath Underwater

Sign :

Birthday :
     February 5th

Height :
     5' 6" (1.68 meters)

Age :

Cyan Aide In Action

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