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  Chromed Avenger  
Chromed Avenger
Mysterious android of unknown origins, the Chromed Avenger crashed on our world thousands of years ago, with no memory of who he was or where he was from, or that he even was an android.

Protected by the ability to change his shape and appearance, an ability he discovered he had over time, he was originally worshipped as a fallen god by the primitive tribes that first discovered him. Revered for his overall good nature, his computer mind allows him to make very logical decisions, allowing him to plan the course of events over very long periods of time. It is rumored that he actually had a hand in speeding up the development of our planet.

Quiet, and contemplative most of the time, and very secretive about his past, he is responsible for the upkeep of the team headquarters, The Bunker, as well as providing valuable long term planning and coordination of Team Rainbow's activities. He also has taken a special interest in Tawny Bimbo as her personal mentor. But being a machine, he is wary of Tangerine Mistress and her use of magic, since he can not understand it.
Chromed Avenger Logo

Code Name :
     Chromed Avenger

Real Name :
     goes by John Smith

Function :

Primary Skill :
     Shape Change

Sign :

Birthday :
     April 12th

Height :
     6' 5" (1.95 meters)

Age :

Chromed Avenger In Action

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