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  Choral Blush  
Choral Blush
Born the daughter of Rajilot Gygliou and Janyx Laroux (Tawny Bimbo and Tangerine Mistress), Choral Blush displayed a rapid learning ability along with her rapid aging despite the fear the opposite would occur. She demonstrated a natural aptitude for music and logic and because of her parents, turned out to be a very polite young lady. The hardest part of growing up for Choral was that she out grew her childhood friends as well.

Choral's powers first manifest themselves when a burglar tried to sneak into her house when she was a child. After a couple days of practice with Emerald Guardian, she was able to perfect her abilities to a wide range of uses. Not only can she use her powers to stun, or subdue, but she has mastered the ability to disorient and pacify, making her a valued member of Team Rainbow Super Force. And in emergency situations, she can produce the right frequencies for shattering glass and collapsing small walls.

Despite the odds not being in her favor at birth, She retains a positive attitude and is never afraid to try and make new friends.
Choral Blush Logo

Code Name :
     Choral Blush

Real Name :
     Melody Laroux

Function :
     Junior Team Member

Primary Skill :
     Aural Powers

Sign :

Birthday :
     September 30th

Height :
     5' 4" (1.63 meters)

Age :
     1 Year

     (16 in appearance)

Choral Blush In Action

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