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  Captain Crimson  
Captain Crimson
Hailing from the volcanic world of Emibaero whose inhabitants endure temperatures that would make most humanoids' skin dry, itch, and burn, Captain Crimson is rare among his people in being able to not only produce fire by sheer will alone, but also to be able to control it.

Young and rash, quick to make decisions, Captain Crimson also holds in quiet reserve an almost bewildering amusement of the universe. Although his quick temper and overeager enthusiasm may occasionally get him into trouble, he is more than willing to put his life on the line for any just cause. Always there to help those in need earned him his position on Team Rainbow.

Despite being viewed as undisciplined and a hot head at times, his team mates know they can always count on him when push comes to shove. Above all else, he will always follow the instructions Ebon Huntress commands, but he feels uneasy around Tawny Bimbo because her powers have a strange calming effect even on his self.
Captain Crimson Logo

Code Name :
     Captain Crimson

Real Name :
     Raynor Falst

Function :
     Team Member

Primary Skill :
     Fire Powers

Sign :

Birthday :
     September 27th

Height :
     6' 3" ( 1.90 meters)

Age :

Captain Crimson In Action

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