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  Azure Maiden  
Azure Maiden
From the ice world of Wuatoro, the Azure Maiden comes from a race capable of manipulating even the slightest amount of water vapor in the air, and converting it into whatever fashion they desire. A peaceful yet somewhat isolationist race, most Wuatorans are content to stay home, do their jobs, and attend local ice cream socials.

Despite being shy, even for her race, the Azure Maiden has an insatiable curiosity, which led her to leave her home world and eventually arrive on ours. Her abilities, combined with her sense of keeping the peace, led her to become known as a remarkable super heroine, which in turn led to her recruitment as a charter member of Team Rainbow Super Force.

Viewed by her fellow members as being able to keep her cool under any situation, quite opposite from Captain Crimson, she proves time and time again to be a valuable asset to the team. Because Ebon Huntress chose her to be a part of this team, she commands great admiration in the eyes of Azure Maiden, although she believes Violet Haze should lighten up in his approach to a training regiment.
Azure Maiden Logo

Code Name :
     Azure Maiden

Real Name :
     Alize Ozairne

Function :
     Team Member

Primary Skill :
     Ice Powers

Sign :

Birthday :
     September 10th

Height :
     5' 10" (1.77 meters)

Age :

Azure Maiden In Action

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