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The Color Guard
  Agent Orange (I)  

Agent Orange (I)

Philip Tartan - Agent Orange (I) - Current

Real Name : Philip Tartan

Born : April 6, 1912

Active : 1940's-1950's

Current Status : Retired

Philip Tartan was the first of several costumed heroes to wield "The Torch", a handheld weapon of immense power. He eventually retired from superheroics and gave The Torch over to a successor.

Over the years, he followed the careers of the younger heroes that followed him, but eventually lost touch with his former Color Guard teammates.

Tartan took up residence at the Wilkenburo Assisted Living Facility where he keeps his old costume and memorabilia of his days as a hero. For a man now in his nineties, he is in excellent physical shape and possesses a keen mind.

Recent circumstances involving a mysterious enemy have brought Tartan and the previously unknown existence of the Color Guard to the attention of Primary Force. He is currently under their protection.


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